david adjaye's winter park library & events center opens its doors in florida

david adjaye's winter park library & events center opens its doors in florida

winter park library & events center opens to the public


after revealing plans for a new library and events center in florida back in 2017, david adjaye has now announced that the project is fully realized, and has opened to the public on december 11, 2021. settling on the northwest corner of martin luther king jr. park, this new cultural hub is conceived as a micro-village that will revitalize the surroundings, while helping strengthen and educate the local community. the complex is comprised of a spacious two-story library, an events center with a rooftop terrace, as well as a new portico that guides visitors in and unifies all three structures. 


‘it’s been humbling and inspiring to work together with the city of winter park and the many local champions of this project to realize this 21st-century prototype of a multi-purpose knowledge campus in the public realm. as a centerpiece of the revitalized MLK jr. park, the new campus is designed as a robust space for community gathering, edification, and empowerment.’ the architect shares.

winter park library by david adjaye opens its doors in florida

image courtesy of city of winter park, adjaye associates   



biophilic, flexible, and adaptable


following principles of biophilic design, all three pavilions — composed of rose pigmented concrete — sit on a raised belvedere providing generous, unobstructed views onto lake mendsen. the project by david adjaye (find more here) is formed to increase connectivity to the park’s wellness offerings and support a new network of exterior green community spaces that run between the three structures. 


the volumetry of all pavilions is heavily informed by the presence of arches, inspired by both local fauna and vernacular architecture. vaulted rooflines and extended windows generate a permeable relationship between interior and exterior, drawing natural light into the buildings. meanwhile, the diverse program includes flexible floor plates for both the library and the events center, facilitating interaction and adaptability.

winter park library by david adjaye opens its doors in florida

image © dror baldinger 



fully equipped facilities for all ages


the open-plan library supports a selection of functions and spaces that are accessible to all ages and abilities. specifically, the building features multiple interactive youth and children’s areas, with purposeful social zones and expansive book collections. what’s more, an education and performance space houses a wide range of events such as speakers’ series, live performances, films, and storytimes. upgraded maker spaces and fully equipped technology portals, an entrepreneurship center, as well as collaborative and flexible working rooms complete the library facilities. 


in the meantime, the events center includes a flexible auditorium and a rooftop terrace offering views towards the lakeside park setting. to create parity between the library and the commercially-focused event center, the design generates a monumental sculptural staircase as a signature addition to both buildings. 

david adjaye's winter park library & events center opens its doors in floridaimage © chad baumer



a ribbon-cutting ceremony full of activities


‘a project like this comes along once in a generation, and we’re so grateful to the visionary library and city leadership that made this dream a reality. the doors have opened to a world of opportunity for our residents. the new library connects people to knowledge and resources in a way that wasn’t possible before.’ notes library executive director sabrina bernat. 


winter park library celebrated the opening of its new, state-of-the-art building with a community open house on saturday, december 11, 2021. the official ribbon-cutting event included remarks from city dignitaries, library leadership, and partners, as well as from sir david adjaye, himself. the day started with a ceremonial book transfer from the old library location to the new library location. participants of the community open house also had the opportunity to attend musical performances, outdoor games, character appearances, storytelling, and a scavenger hunt. the first day of regular library operations resumed on december 13, 2021.

david adjaye's winter park library & events center opens its doors in florida
image © dror baldinger david adjaye's winter park library & events center opens its doors in florida
image © dror baldinger 


image © chad baumer

winter park library by david adjaye opens its doors in florida

image © dror baldinger


image by dror baldinger



image courtesy of winter park library



image © chad baumer
image © chad baumer
image © dror baldinger
image © dror baldinger
image © ivane katamashvili
image © ivane katamashvili

project info:

project title: winter park library & events center
design architect: adjaye associates
architects of record: huntonbrady achitects
acoustical design: gary seibein
client: the city of winter park

civil engineer: land design
envelope consultant:
thornton tomasetti
fire protection engineer + audio visual & security:
TLC engineering for architecture
food service design:
phil bean
general contractor:
brasfield & gorrie
landscape architect:
land design
lighting design:
tillotson design associates
mechanical, structural, plumbing engineer:
TLC engineering for architecture
owner’s representative:
the pizzutti companies
signage consultant:

location: winter park, florida, USA
area: 5,184 sqm (55,800 sqft)

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