a modern treehouse by DB arquitetos rises from brazil's lush coastal canopies

a modern treehouse by DB arquitetos rises from brazil's lush coastal canopies

casa vjc iporanga: a retreat from são paulo


Rising from the lush canopies of Brazil‘s forested coastline, DB Arquitetos’ Casa VJC Iporanga offers a serene escape from São Paulo. Conceived as a summer retreat, the contemporary dwelling is hidden among its natural surroundings to become a haven for relaxation and connection with nature. Architect David Bastos faced the challenge of integrating the house into the steeply sloping terrain while preserving the surrounding vegetation. Thus, the structure takes shape with five overlapping floors that adapt to the contours of the land. This unique layout inverts the traditional program, placing the private bedrooms on the lower levels for greater privacy, while the social areas on the upper floors bask in the treetop views and coastal panoramas. These lower spaces are all fronted by a facade of vertical Cumaru timber slats.

db arquitetos vjc iporangaimages © Fran Parente



db arquitetos invites the lush treetops inside


Curating the interiors of Casa VJC Iporanga, the team at DB Arquitetos works together with designer Marina Salles, who helped to extend the landscape indoors. Natural raw materials like wood, linen, and straw dominate the palette to evoke the sense of a treehouse rising through the foliage. Large windows bring the trees inward, inviting the lush greenery to become an integral part of the living space. The top floor features an expansive living area, dining room, and kitchen that flow onto the balcony, solarium, and swimming pool, while generous glass panels offer views of the ever-changing coastal landscape.

db arquitetos vjc iporanga
Casa VJC Iporanga is hidden amongst the lush coastal canopies of Guarujá, Brazil



interiors curated with designer marina salles


DB Arquitetos designs the living room of its Casa VJC Iporanga to foster interaction, with the furniture organized to draw everyone towards the center. A carefully curated mix of family heirlooms, modern Brazilian design pieces, and custom-designed elements by Marina Salles adds personality and warmth. Found pieces are repurposed and given new life to showcase the sustainable spirit of the project. A solid wood dining table has been designed by the architect and is surrounded by hand-woven Gana chairs. The large windows offer expansive, framed views on both sides. Meanwhile, the Canoa luminaire, resembling traditional boats of the Brazilian coast, creates a soft, continuous glow without obstructing the views.

db arquitetos vjc iporanga
the kitchen, dining, and living areas extend onto the balcony with its swimming pool and distant views
db arquitetos vjc iporanga
informed by the steep and challenging site, five floors adapt to sloping terrain a modern treehouse by DB arquitetos rises from brazil's lush coastal canopies
raw materials and large windows lend a continuation of the natural surroundings indoors


an inviting living room fosters interaction with curated furniture collection

a modern treehouse by DB arquitetos rises from brazil's lush coastal canopies
the shaded balcony and terrace echo the natural and relaxing spirit of the project


bespoke table and hand-woven chairs face landscape views in both directions

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