it is a time of great scrutiny. talented fans are creating nerdy star wars homages left and right. designers are deconstructing every possible technical flaw in the fictional empire’s fictional armory. amid these fanatics, brothers isaac and benjamin botkin, working in lightwave 3D, have composed the digital construction of the architectural enigma known as the death star. 



fifteen days ago, on a video sharing platform called vimeo…
video and images courtesy of outside hollywood



by revealing geometry with lightwave’s instancing tool, isaac and benjamin took sith-fanhood to another level, literally overseeing the construction of the fully operational battlestation, and writing their own john williams-esque score alongside dancing supply ships.

death star architecture
the animation for the film was constructed in lightwave 3D by isaac botkin



they enjoyed watching the small moon’s assembly in rogue one, but saw more potential with their own imagination and a computer program. now, lost in a universe of niche star wars videos that you could endlessly click on today, the botkin’s process for constructing a planetary death machine awaits viewing on 

death star architecture
the music for the film was composed by ben botkin