cellar door: delatite's sustainable and architectural wine haven in rural australia

cellar door: delatite's sustainable and architectural wine haven in rural australia

a winery for australia’s taungurung country


Nestled in the vast foothills of the Victorian Alps, Delatite Cellar Door winery stands as the result of process driven by the sustainable design principles of Lucy Clemenger Architects. This newly completed project offers wine enthusiasts and visitors a unique tasting and dining experience in the heart of Mansfield, Australia. With sweeping views across Taungurung Country, the wood and Timbercrete building reflects the warmth and generosity of Delatite’s owners while honoring their commitment to sustainability through biodynamic farming and wine production practices.

delatite cellar door australia
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cellar door: Delatite’s multi-functional gathering place


From vineyard management to wine production, Delatite‘s dedication to sustainability is evident in every aspect of its operations of the Lucy Clemenger-designed Cellar Door winery. The architects designed the space to serve as more than just a place for wine-tasting — it is a gathering space for a range of experiences, from festivals and markets to vineyard tours, dining, and private events. The aim is not only to showcase Delatite’s wines but also to provide a place where visitors can immerse themselves in nature and indulge in the beauty of the surrounding landscape.

delatite cellar door australia



the architecture by lucy clemenger


The architects led by Lucy Clemenger site the Delatite Cellar Door winery along an idyllic site with panoramic views across Mount Buller, the High Country, and Australia’s surrounding farmland. Its design comprises a series of interconnected pavilions that extend along the ridge line, complemented by expansive decks, terraces, and courtyards.


The strategic use of Timbercrete blade walls open out with curated windows that offer glimpses through and across the land, lending a visual connection between the architecture and its natural surroundings. The horizontal timber lining, inspired by the construction of local cattlemen’s huts, envelops the building, infusing it with a rich textural warmth. The result is a grand, solid structure from the outside, which exudes an inviting and domestic atmosphere along the interiors.

delatite cellar door australiathe structure takes shape with Timbercrete blade walls

delatite cellar door australia
a series of interconnected pavilions are complemented by expansive decks, terraces, and courtyards

delatite cellar door australiawelcoming interiors frame views of the vast, rolling landscape


the horizontal timber lining is inspired by the construction of local cattlemen’s huts

delatite cellar door australiatimber finishes along the interiors allow a warm, domestic atmosphere


visitors can immerse themselves in the natural beauty of Taungurung Country

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