design blitz finishes comcast office in red
all images courtesy of design blitz




the growing american communications company, comcast, has a new seat for their R&D branch. the ‘silicon valley innovation center’ by design blitz in sunnyvale, CA provides 31,000 sq ft (2,880 sqm) of open office and collaborative space for the corporation’s entrepreneurial arm to build new products that change how people connect to entertainment, information, and their communities. the design is informed by the establishment’s history as a cable provider. a series of linear accents, which recall wire diagrams, provide way finding throughout the building. networks of red constructions designate communal places for employees to gather and work through project development. 


 comcast office by design blitz
architectural interventions finished in red designate places for collaborative working




matching the high-tech nature of the program, the building has an equivalent tectonic standard which has acheived a LEED certified gold status. building employs multi-purpose materials throughout, such as wall panels that provide privacy and acoustic dampening. additionally, large windows provide ample daylight, reducing energy loads.



comcast office by design blitz
a neutral palate finishes the office


comcast office by design blitz
chromatic accents enhance recreational areas like the cafeteria


comcast office by design blitz
finishes in the the break out space leave the linear patterns of the rest of the office to reflect the fun atmosphere where creativity flows freely


comcast office by design blitz
(left) the welcome desk is the main hub from which carpet accents guide employees, clients and guests through the space
(right) three dimensional constructions indicate breaks in circulation for collaboration and working through the design process