‘teeq’ by design spirits co., kuala lumpur images courtesy of design spirits co.



design spirits co. has sent us images of ‘teeq’, a rooftop restaurant in kuala lumpur. located in what was the 8th floor parking garage of a shopping center, the project  includes a club, theater, restaurant and courtyard.surrounded by desirable and natural views, the design aims to equally emphasize the interior and exterior spaces. concentrated to the ceiling, the new application of form and material keeps the encircling glass facade exposed and the views uninterrupted.



design spirits co.: teeq entrance



undulating waves of wooden ribs line the existing space, creating an enclosed and comfortable environment that draws visitors from the front entrance into the heart of the restaurant. rhythmic and repetitious, the structure appears to gently move, mimicking in a way, the form and pattern of waves. canopied over the space, the tactile and natural installation diffuses the LED light sources that sit behind the panels, creating a soft and ethereal place for dining and socializing.  



design spirits co.: teeq dining area



design spirits co.: teeq overall restaurant



design spirits co.: teeq show kitchen behind custom wine storage



design spirits co.: teeq wine display



design spirits co.: teeq detail



design spirits co.: teeq show kitchen



design spirits co.: teeq floor plan