step inside this theatrical, private garage by design systems limited

step inside this theatrical, private garage by design systems limited

a private garage in hong kong that goes beyond storing cars


inside a commercial building in hong kong, chinese practice design systems limited has completed a private garage imbued with theatrical accents. envisioned for a car lover, the project goes beyond merely serving as storage space; it also celebrates the artistry behind automotive designs by transforming the garage into a kind of exhibition room with deeply atmospheric lighting. 

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a theatrical setting with strong textures & ambient lighting 


as the architects (see more here) put it: ‘through the interplay of materiality and lighting, we have orchestrated a theatrical setting for the car lover to appreciate and scrutinize the uniqueness of his automobiles. shotcrete and wet cement are adopted for the surfaces of the garage. automobiles with the smoothest and finest surface are then made prominent. we also utilize various lighting settings to highlight different features of each car.’

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a strong contrast in materiality defines part of the private garage’s exhibitionist character. design systems limited started by building the structure with shotcrete to set an overall monochromatic tone. it then sprayed different surfaces with a mix of wet cement to create a rich palette of textures without breaking cohesion. complementing that range of materiality is an intricate black and white marble pattern serving as both a way-finding system and a poetic gesture that brings out the nuances between rough and smooth accents.

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light plays an equally vital role here, guiding people’s visual focus within the enclosed space. no matter if bright, dimmed, focused, or beaming from varying spots, it always manages to highlight and reflect the automobiles’ smooth surfaces. for one thing, the ceiling is adorned with custom bronze pendant lights exhibiting an industrial touch; when the shape of the pendant is cast on the car surface, a new pattern is formed through reflection—establishing a spatial dialogue between the vehicle and the garage. the main lane, meanwhile, is paved with circular lamps; when lit, the wheel bolt pattern on the granite floor is revealed, showing the way to drive out and creating a pleasant journey throughout.

the texture of light private garage hong kong 4



to complete the narrative, handles, door locks, and lighting fixtures are crafted in a way to reference the inside of a car. these refined details are set against the space’s rough surfaces, adding depth and tension to the overall experience of stepping inside the garage. 



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project info:


name: the texture of light – private garage

location: hong kong, china

architecture: design systems limited



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