as individuals search for new ways of experiencing and interacting with spaces, the sense of temporality is bringing to the fore front innovative ways of building and ultimately dismounting a structure. with modular pieces, mobile architecture and conscious materials, our top ten most viewed temporary spaces of 2011, are responding to architecture’s ability to limit its time in a location without ever leaving a trace of its existence.

1. ‘ornamented columns’ by michael hansmeyer

an exploration into computational architecture these columns utilize algorithms and subdivision processes to generate an elaborated system of ornamentation. consisting of over six million faces, the 2.7-meter high fabrication is constructed from grey board sheets 1mm thick, which are cut with a laser then stacked together on poles that run through the center.

designboom's top ten most viewed temporary spaces of 2011 swiss federal institute of technology, zurich image courtesy of michael hansmeyer

2. ‘crater lake’ by 24° studio

a multi-use environmental installation at this year’s 2011 kobe biennale, the undulating design serves as a meeting place for interaction and exchange. placed by the port island of shiosai park, japan, the circular design is divided into 20 radial parts which provides seating and a platform to view the surrounding landscape.

designboom's top ten most viewed temporary spaces of 2011 2011 kobe biennale, japan image courtesy of 24° studio

3. ‘eathouse’ by atelier gras!

this edible house consists of plastic produce crates, mesh and packed soil, to grow vegetables along its structure. lasting through the summer season, the design called for a temporary modular system that was easy to assemble using reusable materials to encourage the practice of maintaining a home-grown vegetable garden.

designboom's top ten most viewed temporary spaces of 2011 appeltern, netherlands image courtesy of atelier gras!

4. ‘bike sauna’ by H3T architects

constructed out of light and durable materials, this transportable sweat lodge serves as a new and unconventional social tool that interacts with its surroundings. pulled by a tandem bicycle, it is able to accommodate up to six people, exploring the possibilities of portable architecture with a clear social function.

designboom's top ten most viewed temporary spaces of 2011 image courtesy of H3T architects

5. ’emergency shelter partitions’ for japan by shigeru ban architects

the card-board modular partition system provides a fast, low-cost and flexible solution to the lack of privacy at disaster evacuation sites. using cardboard tubing as strut-beams, with plywood joints, ropes for bracing and white cloth as walls, the 180cm2 module can be expanded on to create larger spaces based on where the fabric is hung.

designboom's top ten most viewed temporary spaces of 2011 evacuees taking shelter at a gymnasium in the tohoku region, japan image courtesy of shigeru ban architects

6. treehugger’ by holger hoffmann + one fine day + university of applied sciences

designed for the 2011 national garden show in koblenz, germany, this pavilion looks to give both the students and the craftsmen a broader understanding of computational design and computer aided manufacturing technologies. dictated by a series of simple geometrical forms, the building is constructed using timber plywood and glass, which is illuminated in the evenings to formulate a subtle link to the nearby built environment.

designboom's top ten most viewed temporary spaces of 2011 trier, germany image courtesy of roland borgmann, münster

7. ‘fragile shelter’ by hidemi nishida

this temporary winter structure located deep in the forest of sapporo, japan, looks to bring people together in an empathetic and unlikely space which will leave no evidence of its existence once it has been dismantled. six forms hug the landscape, shifting up and down to mirror the undulations of the earth as the translucent plastic sheets which enclose the unit faintly expose the timber structure which composes each volume.

designboom's top ten most viewed temporary spaces of 2011 sapporo, japan image courtesy of hidemi nishida

8. ‘garden of 10,000 bridges’ by west 8 the design explores the notion of poetry and narratives through a winding pathway that oscillates from ground level to a raised span. created for the 2011 xi’an international horticultural exhibition, it consists of five semi-circular bridge structures where visitors are encouraged to observe the park and exhibition at multiple vantage points.

designboom's top ten most viewed temporary spaces of 2011 xi’an, china image © west 8 urban design & landscape architecture

9. ‘fall/winter 2011 prada catwalk’ by OMA

this two-story catwalk for the fall/winter 2011 collection for the italian fashion label is an open steel structure that serves as a house within a house. complete with 5 meter-wide rooms for the audience, it features a series of generous staircases to enable the models to circulate both levels.

designboom's top ten most viewed temporary spaces of 2011 milan, italy image courtesy of prada

10. ‘pavilion design of the 12th istanbul art biennale’ by ryue nishizawa

designed for the 12th istanbul art biennale, this three leveled exhibition consists of display space in a coastal warehouse along the bosphorous river, turkey. accommodating the works of 56 individual artists and 5 group shows, the freestanding pavilions of various sizes provide adjustable and independent spaces for the work.

designboom's top ten most viewed temporary spaces of 2011 istanbul, turkey image © office of ryue nishizawa