dezest envisions its pine cove house as a forested retreat to escape urban density

dezest envisions its pine cove house as a forested retreat to escape urban density

dezest architects proposes its pine cove house in response to the widespread, growing desire to retreat from dense urban areas into a more natural and isolated context. with new modern challenges presented during the coronavirus era, many have found that living outside the city is safer and more comfortable. in designing the house, defined by a composition of concrete geometries lit my channels of ambient light, the team comments: ‘even at a distance of several kilometers from the metropolis, the air becomes much cleaner, the atmosphere is calmer and wonderful places for relaxation and walking open up.’

dezest pine cove
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the design team at dezest imagines its pine cove house as a retreat into a removed, forested context that further seeks to minimize damage to the environment. the work is characterized as a cluster of volumes, organized to integrate the house into the forest as much as possible.
 each program is isolated within its own volume so that the house appears less as a single object and more as a small village scattered through the trees. the team highlights the separation of these volumes — for instance, between the recreation area from the daytime area — with interstitial glass galleries that serve as connective elements. walking through the glass corridor leading from the pine trees to the bedroom, the architecture introduces an ‘anchor’ to transition the occupant into a space of relaxation.

dezest pine cove



ukraine-based architecture studio dezest envisions its pine cove house as a collection of volumes that are both heavy and outward-looking. the volume which houses the living area is as open as possible to the forest, and is designed with double-height proportions so as to let in more natural light. this variation in section creates a spatial complexity, furthered by the suggestion of interior space overflowing out into the exterior space.

dezest pine cove dezest pine cove dezest pine cove dezest pine cove dezest pine cove dezest pine cove dezest pine cove


dezest pine cove dezest pine cove dezest pine cove




project info:


project title: pine cove house

architecture: dezest | @dezest_design 

status: concept

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