the ‘DH triangle school’ explores the possibilities of educational architecture through staging relationships between people, place, and learning. each face of the facility faces a distinct area: a playground to the north, a hill to the east, and an existing middle school building to the west. these three environments were used by nameless architecture to aid in design and organization of the plan. the north and east façades features a transparent skin with vertical louvers, which maintain an appropriate balance between illumination and privacy.

DH triangle school in korea completed by nameless architecture
north and west façades
all images courtesy of sun namgoong & nameless architecture



the existing building to the west, compared to the new structure, has a much different function. it was decided that the ‘triangle school’ needed to be visually and functionally distinct from the other. for this, the entire face is concrete with a single triangle-shaped entrance window to provide minimal connection.


video courtesy of rohspace 




unlike the complexity of the three sides, the interior is largely open and sits in the center of the building. on the second and third floors — class room levels — a courtyard opens up to the sky. the space helps create a welcoming learning environment by naturally bringing light inside, and also provides a small place for students to enjoy the sun and get a bit of fresh air. the ‘DH traingle school’ is located in namyangju, nearby seoul, south korea. 

DH triangle school korea nameless architecture designboom
from north

the concrete wall minimizes interference between the ‘triangle school’ and existing building  

DH triangle school in korea completed by nameless architecture

DH triangle school in korea completed by nameless architecture
classrooms are located on the second and third floors 

DH triangle school in korea completed by nameless architecture
central courtyard 

the open interior section floods the school with natural light and ventilation 

DH triangle school korea nameless architecture designboom
interior courtyard in the evening 

exploded axonometric


DH triangle school korea nameless architecture designboom



project info:


title: DH triangle school
architects: nameless architecture: unchung na, sorae yoo
project team: jungtaek lim, hyunkook paek, gyoungwon ha, hyunyeol choi, hyunjin oh, jungho lee, wanggeon kim, dongjin park, jaemin yoon
client: dongwha high school
video: kyung roh of rohspace
photography: sun namgoong
location: donong-dong, namyangju-si, gyeonggi-do, korea
program: educational facility
site area: 35,000 m2
bldg. area: 999.36 m2
gross floor area: 2,628.68
building scope: B1, 3F
height: 11.2m
building to land ratio: 20.62%
floor area ratio: 52.65%
structure: RC Structure
exterior finish: exposed concrete, steel louver, pair glass
interior finish: exposed concrete, terrazzo, plasterboard
mechanical and electrical engineer: suyang
construction: dolim construction
design period: may 2011 – october 2013
construction period: november 2013 – february 2015
completion: march 2015



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edited by: nick brink | designboom