articulated by a seemingly impossible cantilever, this gravity-defying concept has been envisioned by nicos yiatros for NYDE to challenge standard prefab cabin design. initially conceived for a site in the scottish highlands, the diagonal dwelling also intends to be customized for other locations. with its unconventional form, the elevated structure aims to connect guests to the surrounding landscape in a luxurious micro-living space. 

the diagonal dwelling is a luxury cabin concept by NYDE to 'defy the norms' designboom

the self sufficient dwelling is designed for remote locations as a small sanctuary, embracing the scenic views of the landscape

all images © nicos yiatros for NYDE



the diagonal dwelling is set at a dramatic 55 degree angle to optimize the use of solar panels, provide more floor space, and to create an ‘effortless cascade of home and human function’. with a minimal footprint the design accommodates more luxuries than a standard hotel suite; such a scenic hot-tub, an elevated terrace, a compact kitchenette, a comfortable bedroom with mini-bar, and a living space with a day bed and fireplace.

the diagonal dwelling is a luxury cabin concept by NYDE to 'defy the norms' designboom

the diagonal dwelling contains more luxuries and amenities than a standard hotel suite by staggering all the functions and providing majestic views from all levels



compact yet impactful, the design aims to enhance the guest experience by allowing them to enjoy views from three different levels, making them feel connected to the scenery. additionally, the elevated bed gives the sensation of floating over the landscape. the structure is designed as a sustainable, off the grid dwelling that can be prefabricated in the factory and assembled on site within 2 weeks with minimal carbon footprint. 



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project name: diagonal dwelling

design: nicos yiatros for NYDE


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