celebrating monumental glass architecture, toronto based firm diamond schmitt architects unveils its envisioned ‘therme canada’ at ontario place. the project will stand as a year-round landmark destination along lake ontario that will reconnects visitors with the waterfront. ontario place’s west island is designed as an expansion of public park space, honoring the history of the recreational area with its iconic 1967 pods and cinesphere. the team at diamond schmitt incorporates three architectural themes: the scale and spirit of exhibition pavilions, the restorative qualities of natural forms, and the transparency of greenhouse architecture.

diamond schmitt therme ontario
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led by diamond schmitt architects and therme arc, the design team organizes its therme canada at ontario place into four main components — a new entrance pavilion, a new bridge to the west island, new parkland and beach areas, and the main therme canada | ontario place building. the therme building will transform the west island and will combine the restorative environment of a botanical garden with the physical and sensory experience of an aquatic environment. the massive development will operate year-round, throughout the winter.

diamond schmitt therme ontario



the diamond schmitt-designed ‘therme canada’ at ontario place will be a year-round entertainment and relaxation destination. the space will host botanical gardens, indoor and outdoor swimming facilities, and improved public access through the creation of more than eight acres of public space. a free-access public beach and much expanded pedestrian and cycling access will allow people to better connect with the lake.

diamond schmitt therme ontario



gary mccluskie, principal at diamond schmitt architects, comments on the development of ontario place’s therme canada:therme is grounded in the planned expansion of public park space. it honours and celebrates ontario place’s history, including the pods and cinesphere. we designed the west island of ontario place to connect people to the water year-round. our design weaves three themes, expressed through architecture: exhibition pavilions; natural forms; and greenhouse architecture.

diamond schmitt plans 'therme canada' as a year-round waterfront development in ontario diamond schmitt plans 'therme canada' as a year-round waterfront development in ontario



project info:


project title: therme canada

location: ontario place, ontario

architecture: diamond schmitt architects, therme ARC

landscape architects: STUDIO tla

shoreline engineers: baird

civil engineers: ARUP

transportation consultants: BA group

building code consultants: LMDG