this streetwear store in porto, portugal, sets the stage for the minimalist clothing it offers. diogo aguiar studio and andreia garcia architectural affairs collaborated to design the space with straight rigid lines in order to accentuate the store’s high ceilings and expansive length. one gets the impression of a much larger space.

diogo aguiar studio prudêncio
all images by fernando guerra



the long hanging lights convince the eye of infinity lost in the white space. there are metallic objects that sit in this empty space, including suspended walls that separate undefined volumes. floating in the air, these walls add to this to this visual trick, leading to new interpretations of what the actual plan entails. the furniture design made in the same material as the lights, contributes to the same effects of perspective that draw your eye in. the furniture is positioned to add to the feeling of movement. 

diogo aguiar studio prudêncio
a minimalist shopping experience 



the shoes and clothing of the prudêncio brand match this aesthetic of muted color and use of defined lines and undefined shapes. they sit on the metal shelves in limited sets like tiny works of art — it’s easy to focus on them in the space void of ornamentation and color. both diogo aguiar studio and andreia garcia architectural affairs strategized to this effect. 

diogo aguiar studio prudêncio
the straight rigid lines point the eye deep into the interior 



there is evidence of an older structure from the arch at the back, the only part of the interior that allows the materiality to speak for itself. but surrounded by white it appears to have no connection to the wall but simply float in space. this arch serves as a kind of terminus for this never ending white. it appears to envelop the space and suck you in as you walk toward it.  

diogo aguiar studio prudêncio
minimalist fashion in a minimalist setting

diogo aguiar studio prudêncio
a jungle of white and grey

diogo aguiar studio prudêncio
the hanging walls play with perception

diogo aguiar studio prudêncio
the simple colors pop in the cold space

diogo aguiar studio prudêncio
the metal shape bifurcates the space 

a minimalist streetwear outlet that plays tricks with perspective
animation showing the store’s movable panels






project info:



architects: diogo aguiar studio | andreia garcia architectural affairs
team: diogo aguiar, andreia garcia, inés brotons, daniel mudrák
location: rua cimo de vila no41, porto, portugal | 41.144557, -8.608614
date: april 2017
client: prudêncio studio
area: 72 meters
program: concept store interior design
construction: RDC
photography: fernando guerra