to celebrate national dog day, airbnb has been promoting a giant, beagle-shaped hotel located in cottonwood, idaho. named the dog bark park inn b&b, the dog-lover’s space can host up to four guests in two bedrooms with one bath. conceived by dennis sullivan and frances conklin, both wood carvers, the hotel is one of america’s latest additions to the type of roadside architecture popular in the early days of automobile vacation travel.

dog bark park inn b&b
image by alan levine from strawberry, united states



‘stay in a giant dog!’ reads the airbnb description. ‘that’s right, it’s a beagle-shaped one-unit inn where being in this doghouse is a GOOD thing and comfortable to boot.’ available for a base rate of USD $132, the hotel is already fully-booked until march 2020. inside, you will also find a selection of dog-themed books, games and puzzles, ready to entertain your stay.

dog bark park inn b&b
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as for its location, the property boasts expansive views of prairie grain fields and surrounding mountains any time of the year. from the second story deck, guests are encouraged to gaze at the starry sky, while the famed hells canyon gorge of the snake river is close, inviting visitors to explore it via jet boat tours spring through fall. next to the hotel, its owners have a visitor center, a gift shop and their studio where you can buy canine carvings by chainsaw.

dog bark park inn b&b

airbnb is offering a unique stay at a dog-shaped hotel in idaho



project info:


name: dog bark park inn B&B

location: cottonwood, idaho, USA

designers: dennis sullivan & frances conklin

book on airbnb: here