fuksas-designed 'duomo' station merges archaeology with infrastructure in napoli

fuksas-designed 'duomo' station merges archaeology with infrastructure in napoli

doriana and massimiliano fuksas celebrate the opening of duomo station along the napoli underground, which features their luminous and immersive design. sited in napoli’s historic piazza nicola amore, the station was carefully designed and built with respect for the archaeological heritage of the location, keeping in mind the important relationship between architecture and history. several findings were even unearthed during the station’s construction — the base of a temple dating back to the first century AD, a flavian-era portico, and a gymnasium running track — all of which were brought to light during the first excavations, and preserved as an evocative museum space.


the duomo station along line 1 of the napoli underground was inaugurated on august 6th, 2021, and is now fully operational.

duomo station napoli underground
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the doriana and massimiliano fuksas-designed duomo station occupies three levels on the napoli underground. the entrance at the level of the street is enclosed by a geodesic bubble cover, which will be completed in the coming months. designed to protect the temple, this steel structure is made up of triangular glass surfaces to invite natural sunlight to illuminate the ancient finding. the transparent glass creates a readability and visual continuity between the outside and inside, giving this volume at the center of the square an element of lightness.

fuksas-designed 'duomo' station merges archaeology with infrastructure in napoli



below street level, doriana and massimiliano fuksas organizes the underground station between two distinct levels, each with its own program. at the first underground level, conceptually inscribed within the basic ellipse of the geodesic ‘bubble,’ visitors are invited to observe the temple and the museum space. the mezzanine floor at the second underground level  is dedicated to mobility and urban travel. colors, lighting, geometric textures and mirrored surfaces mark the rhythm of the journey while accompanying the passengers to the train platforms. here, the team uses a hybrid material palette to express the combined programming. the walls and ceiling are finished with contemporary scotch steel while the travertine floors echo the ancient context.

duomo station napoli underground duomo station napoli underground duomo station napoli underground duomo station napoli underground



the duomo station’s modern steel finish contrasts the ancient memory of the travertine flooring

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