Norrøna Lodge: Designed to Blend with Rugged Senja


The renowned Danish architecture studio Dorte Mandrup has just revealed designs for their newest project — a nature hotel built in collaboration with the high-end Norwegian outdoor brand Norrøna. Located on Senja, Norway’s second-largest island, the hotel will be perched along the dramatic coastal landscape of Northern Norway, known for its steep mountains, beaches, valleys, and deep fjords.


Planned for a remote area on Senja’s western coast, the intimate hotel will sit on an islet overlooking the Norwegian Sea and the mountainous peninsula. Reflecting Norrøna’s spirit of outdoor community, the hotel’s design prioritizes harmony with its natural surroundings. This oneness with nature is evident in the individual lodges, all connected by a large stone rooftop that echoes the nearby mountains.

norrøna lodge dorte mandrupvisualizations © MIR



dorte mandrup celebrates an outdoor spirit


Spanning 1,800 square meters, the Norrøna Lodge is designed by the architects at Dorte Mandrup to visually blend with the environment. The architecture features twenty-four guest rooms, a restaurant, a sauna, and a conservatory, all arranged to create an intimate retreat that encourages a sense of community among guests who share a love for exploration. The lodges themselves are positioned in a circle around the central restaurant, acting as a natural gathering point after a day of adventure.


Jørgen Jørgensen, CEO & owner of Norrøna, expressed his enthusiasm for the project:We have high ambitions in all our projects, and here, too, we want to create a world-class experience. This location deserves the best of architecture, materials, and craftsmanship, and we are therefore delighted to have Dorte Mandrup join our team.’

norrøna lodge dorte mandrup



architecture informed by geology


Taking a cue from the surrounding landscape, Dorte Mandrup’s Norrøna Lodge appears to emerge organically from the ground in a fragmented formation. The fragmented design evokes the image of natural elements accumulating over time along the shore. Dorte Mandrup’s approach harnesses the landscape itself as a blueprint, resulting in a building that ‘dissolves in nature.’ The hotel boasts a stone roof inspired by the region’s rock and slate-covered mountains, further mimicking glacial movements. From an aerial view, the building is designed to nearly disappear into the terrain.


While striving for a distinctive architectural statement, the project prioritizes environmental responsibility. The hotel will utilize locally sourced materials such as slate, stone, and wood, along with elements salvaged from an existing, decaying building on the site. Norrøna anticipates the hotel to open its doors in 2026, creating new jobs and boosting demand for local products and services.

dorte mandrup's norrøna lodge echoes the coastal geology of arctic norway



project info:


project title: Norrøna Lodge

location: Senja, Norway

architecture: Dorte Mandrup | @dorte_mandrup

collaborator, outdoor brand: Norrøna | @norrona

completion: expected 2026

photography: MIR |