fascinated by the beauty of the abundant aquatic environment of taiwan, artist cheng-tsung feng has blended various marine biological characteristics to construct and weave the ‘dragon palace’ pavilion with bamboo, wood, and rope. the structure is situated within the sightseeing fishing port of chiayi, a prosperous city in taiwan, and it serves as a welcoming point and rest space for travelers. 

dragon palace 1

all images by yi-hsien lee (YHLAA)



the pavilion by cheng tsung feng has a special appearance which is evidently influenced by the beautiful shapes and organic appearance of the local marine wildlife. also, it has been designed with a ritual-like concept in mind: when the night falls, the pavilion begins to light up and down, matching a breathing rate, just like a monster that wakes up in the night. with its interesting, ever-changing appearance, the mysterious ‘dragon palace’ installation invites the islanders to observe, approach, explore it, and immerse themselves into its ‘ocean fairytale’ world. 

dragon palace 2

dragon palace 4

dragon palace 5

dragon palace 6

dragon palace 7

dragon palace 8

dragon palace 9

dragon palace 10

dragon palace 11

dragon palace 12



project info:


name: dragon palace
cheng-tsung feng
location: budai seaview park, chiayi, taiwan
size: 680(l)x650(w)x450(h)cm
materials: japanese cedar, makino bamboo, white rope, LED light
adviser: ministry of transportation and communications
organizer: southwest coast national scenic area administration
coordinator: ding yong culture creativity
curator: min su (netizen productions)
project manager: hsuan yi kuo, wan ting chang, hui lin yeh
project designer: chan wei hsu
wooden structure: yumu manufacture & research
weaving structure: yu cheng shen
lighting design: oude light(yi chang chen, chien kuo ho)



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edited by: myrto katsikopoulou | designboom