raul sanchez has completed ‘duplex tibbaut’ at the heart of barcelona, a refurbishment project in which two stacked dwellings in an old apartment building were transformed into a modern and spatially complex home. two units and the mezzanine of the modest building were in a state of neglect and disrepair, prompting the architect to intervene within the space. the client’s requirement included focusing the main social spaces in the mezzanine area of the home.

duplex tibbaut
the client’s requirement was to focus the main social areas in the mezzanine area
all images by jose hevia



the architect imposed two extruded squares (rotated 45 degrees) within the space, one housing the staircase and the other housing the bedroom. through the overlapping of two volumes, the architect defines a new spatial arrangement in which circulation and comfort are maximized.

duplex tibbaut
by overlapping volumes, the architect introduces a new spatial complexity



the treatment of colors and materials highlights the new geometry created by the extruded volumes, which are coated in a glossy, gold finish paint. the inside of the staircase and the bedroom, dug into the volumes, creates a dark world of black contrasting with the exterior white.

duplex tibbaut
the interior design creates bold and modern statements

raul sanchez stacks colorful volumes inside the 'duplex tibbaut' in barcelona
the brightly lit home is characterized by high ceilings 

raul sanchez stacks colorful volumes inside the 'duplex tibbaut' in barcelona
selective treatment of color magnifies the angles and shapes of the new home

duplex tibbaut
on the ground floor, three existing paintings of brazilian origin have been preserved

duplex tibbaut
the bedroom is enclosed in a private volume

duplex tibbaut
the bold colors emphasize the new geometry

duplex tibbaut
the geometric staircase contrasts with the white interiors

raul sanchez stacks colorful volumes inside the 'duplex tibbaut' in barcelona
the formerly dilapidated building has been given a modern transformation

duplex tibbaut
the staircase is enclosed in a black volume

duplex tibbaut
a spatial complexity is created by the overlapping extruded squares




project info:


project name: duplex tibbaut
location: raval neighborhood (barcelona)
engineering: marés ingenieros
structure: francisco moyano
architecture: pau just / victor tibbaut
photography: josé hevia
furniture: courtesy of domesticoshop
project year: 2016
construction: january/august 2017
client: private
built surface: 110 square meters
budget: 125, 000 euros