‘ecocoons’ by mathieu collos all images courtesy mathieu collos

london based architect mathieu collos has designed ‘ecocoons’, a series of eco retreats.  with a split level system, the space works as a whole volume more than just a flat surface. the project is about the space between the different levels, views and angles from the platforms. the volume is subdivided into spaces all linked by a central feature providing stepped access but also incorporating services and heating systems. the surrounding nature is part of the shelter. the trunk is its heart.the pentagonal structure of the cocoon is strong, light and self supporting. each cocoon is constructed with structural insulated panels, that are durable and easy to assemble. to achieve minimal impact on the tree, the structure is hung with steel cables from the strong branches above it.

the cladding is an essential element as it will provide most of the heat in the winter months. the panels have very good thermal resistance. the fixed glazed strips positions and shape capture the environment and give a global vision of the surroundings. furthermore, each level has a full size openable panel transforming the interior spaces in outdoor terraces and creating passive ventilation in hot climates.

the concept for ‘ecocoons’ rely entirely on free energy.

'ecocoons' by mathieu collos ‘ecocoons’

'ecocoons' by mathieu collos ‘ecocoons’ interior'ecocoons' by mathieu collos ‘ecocoons’

'ecocoons' by mathieu collos ‘ecocoons’ in all seasons

'ecocoons' by mathieu collos ‘ecocoons’ interior

'ecocoons' by mathieu collos ‘ecocoons’ features

'ecocoons' by mathieu collos ‘ecocoons’ features

'ecocoons' by mathieu collos concept for an ‘eco hotel’

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