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ecotech design completes shipping container hotel at california winery

​ecotech design​, a los angeles-based studio led by architect walter scott perry, has completed an eco-friendly shipping container hotel in california. forming part of a winery in paso robles, the geneseo inn offers a luxury hospitality experience in upcycled container dwellings perched above the landscape. set in the middle of 145 acres of grapevines and rolling hills, the bed-and-breakfast comprises eight units, each featuring recycled and locally-sourced materials and finishes.

ecotech design shipping container hotel
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in collaboration with the fabricator, CRATE modular and the cass winery co-owners, steve cass and ted plemons, ecotech design developed the masterplan and unit design based on the use of recycled shipping containers set in clusters around an existing 60-foot live oak tree. the design integrates 20 factory-built, steel shipping containers with conventional construction and local building materials.

ecotech design shipping container hotel



the grapevines are planted in rows 8 feet apart, and the shipping containers also have an 8 foot-wide module. thus, the idea of using a counterpoint matrix design concept evolved. by offsetting all the building components both 4 feet horizontally and vertically, and in three separated clusters with different orientations, the result is a constant play of light and shadow on the buildings during the day, further articulating the scale of the building mass to be in scale with the vineyard architecture.

ecotech design shipping container hotel



‘the design was inspired by the vineyard itself,’ explains walter scott perry, founder and principal of ecotech design. ‘the most compelling attribute of this project is the use of modular components, in combination with recycled materials, to enhance visual interest and create an impressive panoramic openness that connects interior spaces, walkways, and decks. these connect with the vineyard vistas beyond. the structures become truly integrated with their environment. both container units and the vineyard itself have been recycled — a time-tested adaptive-reuse design strategy.’

ecotech design shipping container hotel



the geneseo inn consists of seven BnB units composed of two 20-foot containers and one 12-foot high clerestory element, each with raised decks at the entry and rear. in addition, a deluxe, bridal unit suite is composed of one 40-foot and one 20-foot container unit. an office cluster uses four 20-foot containers with a large, communal deck and reception areas under the oak tree. the exterior colors used complement the location’s various wine labels.

ecotech design shipping container hotel



the buildings are raised above the vineyard on steel piloti. this creates a covered parking area underneath, while enhancing views over the surrounding wine country. a 12-foot high ‘cathedral ceiling’ clerestory with multiple, operable windows enhances natural ventilation and daylighting to conserve energy and support healthier interiors. in addition, the clerestory elevates the ceiling in order to visually open up the lower, adjacent container spaces.

ecotech design shipping container hotel



exterior materials are locally sourced non-outgassing, recycled corten steel and naturally distressed structural steel, glass, cement board, recycled decking. winery barn materials and recycled agricultural structures were repurposed to become the interior ceiling and floor finishes. roofs were designed for future solar, green roofs and other sustainable add-ons. the geneseo inn is open to the public, with standard rooms starting at $325 USD.






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