rendering of sodd



sodd by architect edouard françois is an installation of work, representing an ecological habitat. currently being presented at FIAC in paris, sodd aims to create a cozy atmosphere without disrupting the environment. the structure is made up from prefabricated modules – wood is assembled like giant bricks in variable shapes and sizes, whose outer surface consists of an external rubber membrane stretched under the pressure of cellulose wadding and trimmed with vulcanised photovoltaic cells. sodd is meant to provide a new sustainable solution for the construction or rehabilitation of homes, offices and equipment.



edouard francois: sodd rendering of sodd



edouard francois: sodd installation of sodd at fiac



edouard francois: sodd installation of sodd at fiac



edouard francois: sodd wood used has come from a certification program for the proper management of forests



edouard francois: sodd vapor retarder and natural insulator as a result of paper recycling



edouard francois: sodd barrier which is UV resistant, can withstand ozone and extreme temperatures and is chemically inert


edouard francois: sodd photovoltaic skin produces energy with low levels or irradiance and shadow



edouard francois: sodd prefabricated modules allow for simple and fast implementation and adaptability to all types of buildings



edouard francois: sodd the prefabricated modules can be utilized for any building



edouard francois: sodd images © edouard françois