‘tour végétale de nantes’ by edouard françois, nantes, france images courtesy of edouard françois




paris based practice edouard françois has sent us images of ‘tour végétale de nantes’, a residential structure located in the future eco-neighborhood of prairie-au-duc in nantes, france. composed of commercial and residential programs, the tower looks to reinterpret the experiences and interactions of condominium living.



edouard françois: tour végétale de nantes entrance




wavering elliptical balconies surround the 17 storey structure, providing the static unit with a sense of life and movement. defined by its lush green facade, the building is layered with thin metal tubes that support a collection of plants grown by the local botanical garden. the containers – which measure 12cm in diameter and 4 meters in length – will be dispersed along the terrace railings, and are thought to successfully recreate the natural conditions of the chasmophyte vegetation.


this is not the first time françois has integrated vegetation into his projects. for more, see designboom’s article on ‘edenbio‘, completed in 2009.



edouard françois: tour végétale de nantes the balconies vary from floor to floor



edouard françois: tour végétale de nantes the metal tubes don’t take up much room, but make a huge impact



edouard françois: tour végétale de nantes view upwards



project info:


botanist: claude figureau BET: AIA-SERA client: groupe giboire area: 9150 m² program: 7500 m2 – apartments  (85 to 90 units) 2000 m2 – office 350 m² – activity 91 parking places