‘el maguey’ mexican mezcal bar is designed with an earthy, underground atmosphere

‘el maguey’ mexican mezcal bar is designed with an earthy, underground atmosphere

immersed in an earthy ambience


El Maguey is a mezcal bar located within a commercial plaza in Morelia, Mexico, designed by architect Daniela Bucio Sistos in collaboration with the architecture practice Taller de Arquitectura y Diseño. Shaped by brick vaulting and warm, ambient lighting, this intervention aims to dissociate visitors from the typical commercial environment and envelop them in a completely different ambiance.

el maguey mezcal bar
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Respecting the Artisanal Craftsmanship of Mezcal


During the design of El Maguey mezcal bar, the clients’ deep respect for mezcal and its artisanal production was conveyed to architect Daniela Bucio Sistos and practice Taller de Arquitectura y Diseño. The client is a family dedicated to mezcal production led by a master distiller, or ‘mezcalero’ — their goal was to create a space worthy of this distilled spirit.


Inspired by the traditional mezcal production process, the formal and interior design proposal is centered around the feeling of being underground or buried, as is done with certain types of mezcal. The subterranean atmosphere features earthy tones achieved through the use of polished cement and brick. The site itself was a rectangular unit with flat ceilings, exposed metal structures, and an entrance located in one corner of the polygon.

el maguey mezcal bar



the vaulted interiors by daniela bucio sistos


The aim was to transform the spatial axes both horizontally and vertically by introducing a cross vault within the space and dividing the interior into different areas and environments. The access and facade consist of a gate with two sliding doors positioned in the center, as provided by the commercial plaza. From the corridors of the plaza, only a glimpse of the warm light emanating from the mezcal bar can be perceived. Upon entering, an exposed brick vault envelops the central space, revealing the bar. The counter is designed to create a plane with cavities that resemble a handcrafted surface, reminiscent of the process of unearthing mezcal. Behind this counter, the kitchen is hidden.

el maguey mezcal bar



By implementing this new layout, the vault diagonally traverses the unit while on either side of this central structure, two smaller-scale spaces with even greater intimacy are created. These secondary spaces house a selection of regional mezcals. The intention of this project is to cultivate an atmosphere of dimness and shadows, evoking a sense of intrigue and mystery, and removing visitors from the urban context outside.

el maguey mezcal barinterior finishes and furniture express honest materials


the space is sculpted to evoke a subterranean ambience

el maguey mezcal bartwo lateral, intimate spaces house a selection of regional mezcals


Daniela Bucio Sistos shapes organic forms for a handcrafted feel

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