more than 60% of the year in taiwan features heavy rains that can reach the level of typhoons, the firm emerge architects was hired by the local yilan county government to develop a housing complex in the toucheng district that could reflect the territory and its people. however, this is not the firm’s first design in yilan, click ‘here‘ to read about their previous foam like structure. emerge architects
the opening row house is situated in the plains of yilan, taiwan
all images credited to studio millspace



emerge architects strategy consists of three approaches within the 6*30m site. First, they incorporated an ‘open rain-sound courtyard‘ to function as the spatial core. second, was to develop a ‘relative high-rise‘ in comparison to the surrounding rural houses to also handle the high level of rains in the year; this was completed by designing ‘three dimension living patios,’ that allowed for activities. thirdly, as the middle of the city lacks open space, the rooftop garden provides ab urban green space for enjoying ocean acoustics and for star gazing.
emerge architects
the granite is the first layer of defense aganist the typhoons and rain season which dominate about 60% of the year



additionally, the architects designed the opening row house to have an ‘open and to connect‘ strategy which was their solution on how design a complex that would reflect the territory and people of yilan. 
emerge architects
inside, the home features a modern urban design, incorporating natural and light colors



at ground level, the building opens to the street where originally the garage was, has been repurposed to be part of a public arcade and activities during the rain season that takes up a large part of the year. building off the lack of supply for urban space, the architects have developed an ecological corridor by placing a garden courtyard in each unit. furthermore, there is a back alley open space which provides a lively section to the building with vegetable gardens and outdoor sinks with a culs-de-sac acting as a community space for neighborly events. the atrium acts as a connector for spaces and activities, from the kitchen to dining room on first floor to living rooms, hallway library, and a 3.5 m-deep semi-outdoor space on the second floor. an open staircase ventilates the house vertically and exhales the heat out.emerge architects
the atrium acts as a connector between the kitchen and multiple other rooms



the architects also used a hallow brick façade that provides protection against typhoon. with an ecological pond, vegetable farm, roof garden and open concept design, the opening row house is a natural proposition to modern urban design and lifestyle.emerge architects
an open staircase provides ventilation throughout the building 
emerge architects
view from the atrium, the open concept allows air to flow through to the kitchen below and up the stairsemerge architects
the corridor is sandwiched with glass that allows air to enter the buildingemerge architects
detail within the kitchen
emerge architects
view from one of the living room areas, below is the kitchen
emerge architects
at dusk, the building’s open concept allows light to escape beautifully into yilanemerge architects
the full building in view
emerge architects
the opening row house bridges urban design in yilan
emerge architects
the building opens to the street on ground level



1.2.1-1F Plan100 A2


project info:

architects: emerge architects; sam yang, ally chang, uz liu
project name: opening row house
client: yilan county government
location: toucheng district, yilan, taiwan
function: housing


architecture, electrical engineering ,interior and landscape manufacturer:
san yang electrical engineering


studio millspace


façade: washed granolithic
interior: fir-wood plate molded concrete / wood wool cement panel
landscape: pebble
site area: 184.04 sqm
construction area: 107.51 sqm
gross floor area: 261.82 sqm
floors: 4 floors above ground


years of design: july,2012- may,2014
years of construction: sep,2014- july,2016