‘mivka’ by enota in bled, slovenia all images courtesy enota

slovenia architecture practice enota has completed a design proposal for ‘mivka hotel resort’, a new multi-storey hotel and holiday apartment in bled, slovenia. emphasizing the natural elements of the site, the design focuses on the user experience by incorporating the outdoors into the spatial organization and presentation of the lodge.

enota: mivka exterior view

situated within a large and isolated plot of forest, the overall form of the building is drawn as a multitude of concave lines, creating clusters of programs by organically curving out from the main volume. the curves are further accentuated by overlapping layers of unprotected timber that are arranged on the facade as vertical slats. this choice of material ensures a subtle blending of the site with the architecture, allowing the structure to age gracefully with time.

enota: mivka facade treatment

conceived as a large mass made up of smaller sections, the programmatic arrangement of the hotel seeks to provide privacy as well as a sense of intimacy for the inhabitants. the curved form envelops different programs and defines the functional space while preventing the views from crossing over with adjacent programs. the vertical timber slats that mark the elevations also assist in preventing views from certain vantage points but instead funnels them towards the forest. all interior spaces benefit from ample natural daylighting, changing the atmosphere in accordance with the time of day.

enota: mivka

enota: mivka views of outdoor terraces

enota: mivka

enota: mivka interior view

enota: mivka hotel room

enota: mivka schematic diagram

enota: mivka programs

enota: mivka site map

enota: mivka floor plan / level -1

enota: mivka floor plan / level 0

enota: mivka floor plan / level +1

enota: mivka floor plan / level +2

enota: mivka floor plan / level +3

project info:

client: michaeler & partner type: invited competition principal program: hotel resort site: 17,689 m2

project team: dean lah, milan tomac, alja cerne, marusa zupancic, andrej oblak, nebojsa vertovsek, polona ruparcic