‘the periscope project’ by ENS_projects, san diego, california image courtesy karen morrison

american practice ENS_projects has recently completed ‘the periscope project‘, a mixed-use cooperative for young creatives in san diego, california. originally conceived by petar perisic in 2006, the initiative seeks to create viable amenities for students, artists, designers, scholars and activists working with and in response to their urban environment.

ENS_projects: the periscope projectfront courtyard image courtesy karen morrison

self-sustaining in nature, the project works to visualize alternative land-use within the city, establishing a productive counterpoint to the traditional – and often unattainable – development model. the complex, which is now operating with its first cooperative in place, is maintained by the tenants who are additionally responsible for developing curatorial, educational and outreach programming.

ENS_projects: the periscope projectentrance image courtesy karen morrison

committed to the trans-disciplinary union of art, architecture, and regional urban issues, the facility features a split

and adaptable program of gallery, event and work space.

ENS_projects: the periscope project gallery space with access to courtyard image courtesy the periscope project

five intermodal shipping containers compose the overall unit, which hosts a rotating cooperative of young creatives.

located on a narrow plot of land in the city’s east village, the structure looks to provide a permeable and interconnected

work environment where creation and exhibition coalesce.

ENS_projects: the periscope project interior image courtesy the periscope project

the linear and parallel arrangement of containers on the site defines an outdoor courtyard and second-level deck.

primarily used as auxiliary event space, the exposed areas integrate the internal volume with the outdoors,

allowing natural light and ventilation to permeate the building.

ENS_projects: the periscope project gallery image courtesy the periscope project

be sure to check out the periscope project on kickstarter to learn more.

ENS_projects: the periscope project overall view at night image courtesy the periscope project

ENS_projects: the periscope projectnight shot image courtesy karen morrison

ENS_projects: the periscope project exploded axo image courtesy the periscope project