spanish studio ERA architects presents the simple, adventurous, and distinctive ‘pinea’ camping suite, designed to live in harmony with its natural surroundings. the project gathers the best elements of the cabin, the tent, and the treehouse and stands without damaging the environment. inviting visitors to experience the forested environment outside barcelona from above, pinea is characterized by its unique structure. as the compact suite is designed rest upon the ground, the team at ERA strives to respect the landscape and impose minimal impact. rather than penetrating the ground the supportive metal pillars are received by a wide, flat base of reinforced concrete clad in a soft grassy turf.

era architects pinea
all images by esteve serra



furthering the utility of the structural pillars, ERA architects makes use of the front pair as a ladder for access to the cabin above. this interior is minimally constructed with a wood base, cork enclosure, and fabric facade. the materiality enhances the camper’s experience with the smell of wood and the filtered light from the trees in the wind. the off the grid cabin is powered by small solar panels lining the roof. interiors are lit by small reading lamps each containing a battery to charge a phone. beneath the cabin, taking advantage of the enclosed foundations beneath the cabin, a wooden picnic area is sheltered from the elements, resting on an swath of ​​soft earth and artificial grass.

era architects pineaera architects pinea era architects pinea era architects pinea era architects pinea era architects pinea



project info:


project title: pinea suite

architecture: ERA architects

location: camping 3 estrellas, barcelona, spain

photography: esteve serra