following the success of its elevated pinea treehouse cabin, ERA architects reimagines the adventurous, off-grid project with a mobile spin. with the characteristics of an RV, the design team takes another step toward innovation in ecotourism with its compact and self-sufficient eco-suite on wheels, ‘pinea mobile.’ the mobile dwelling makes use of solar energy, sustainable textiles, a green roof, and rainwater collection tank. pinea mobile suite occupies the vineyards near barcelona and is available for reservation through airbnb.

ERA pinea mobile
images by esteve serra



ERA architects designs its pinea mobile suite as an ecological trailer-caravan, located at mas el igols, an artist lodge and retreat near barcelona. directed by iris and arnout in penedés, the space is known as an artist oasis nestled among the vineyards of penedés. the mobile unit is enclosed with a rooftop garden, self-sufficient thanks to a rainwater collection tank that works by capillary action, or the tendency for water to rise or fall as a result of surface tension. this water harvesting strategy has never before been formally implemented among the region.

ERA pinea mobile



ERA architects’ pinea mobile suite prototype is powered by solar energy, encouraging sustainable tourism to the wine country near barcelona. the solar panel is able to produce and store 50w of energy, allowing guests to charge a pair of smartphones, have a bed-side light, a dining ceiling lamp, and a decorative ambient wall light. like the elevated pinea cabin suite, visitors are invited to book a reservation in the ecological mobile dwelling in penedés.

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project info:


project title: pinea mobile suite

architecture: ERA architects |

location: mas el igols, penedés, barcelona

design team: esther rovira, theresa kos, adrià pinar, francis cosano, toni queralt

mas el igols directors: arnout krediet, iris tonies

collaborators: albert hereu, maria verdum (institut català del suro), jorge fernández (kliucork)

photography: esteve serra