‘aqua industry’ by eskyiu all images courtesy of eskyiu 

architectural design team eric schuldenfrei and marisa yiu of eskyiu have developed a conceptual habitat and a corresponding model known as ‘aqua industry’ for the hong kong & shenzhen bi-city biennale of urbanism and architecture. currently at the kowloon park the installation is an abstraction of a possible habitat, promoting water based industries, fishing communities and diversity.  to merge into its surroundings, the organic form is a response to the aquatic plants and fishing reefs, enhancing the nature, light, water and temperature. 

the life aquatic habitats are a demonstration of social sustainability and mixed-used living, where leisure and work strategies are combined into an integrated structure. by choosing culturally specific sites, it allows for the communities to become a part of the urban fabric of the city.  the installation will be on display until april 23rd, 2012. 

eskyiu: aqua industryconceptual towers for mainland china

eskyiu: aqua industry installation at the water fountain of the kowloon park, hong kong 

eskyiu: aqua industrynight view 

eskyiu: aqua industrybuilding process 

eskyiu: aqua industry site plan

eskyiu: aqua industry diagram and section