estudio ALA designs a sustainable mezcal distillery in jiquilpan, mexico

estudio ALA designs a sustainable mezcal distillery in jiquilpan, mexico

a contemporary place for mezcal production


Estudio ALA’s mezcal distillery, or production palenque, is an industrial building in Jiquilpan, Mexico that blends contemporary design with deep respect for local culture. The architects drew inspiration from traditional mezcal distilleries and the vernacular wooden architecture of Michoacán. A timber screen facade and exposed structure throughout the space offers a tactile experience, fostering a connection between the building and the region’s heritage.

estudio ala mezcalimage © César Béjar | @cesarbejarstudio



sustainable solutions by estudio ala


For the architects at Estudio ALA, sustainability was a core focus of the mezcal production palenque, championed by the client from the outset. The team responded with innovative solutions that minimize environmental impact. A bio-pond and botanical garden were strategically placed alongside to the building, the water reservoir serving a dual purpose — it enhances the welcoming, oasis atmosphere of the project while also functioning as a natural fire protection system, eliminating the need for traditional water storage tanks.

estudio ala mezcal
the building blends modern design with respect for local cultural heritage | image © César Béjar



materiality drawn from tradition


With its mezcal production palenque, Estudio ALA carefully selected materials to create a space that is both functional and welcoming. Laminated wood, a contemporary take on traditional timber construction, is integrated throughout the building while ceramic bricks, another local material, add an element of warmth and character. This thoughtful material selection, along with the integration of contemporary techniques, aims to elevate the experience for both workers and visitors. The goal is to foster a sense of familiarity and connection within the space, creating a positive and productive environment for all who interact with it.

estudio ala mezcal
traditional mezcal distilleries and wooden architecture of Michoacán inspired the design | image © César Béjar estudio ala mezcal
exposed structural timber offers a tactile connection to the region’s heritage | image © César Béjar estudio ALA designs a sustainable mezcal distillery in jiquilpan, mexicosustainability was a priority, with the client emphasizing minimal environmental impact | image © Rafael Palacios


laminated wood and ceramic bricks create a functional and welcoming space | image © Rafael Palacios

estudio ALA designs a sustainable mezcal distillery in jiquilpan, mexico
a bio-pond and botanical garden serve as a natural fire protection system | image © César Béjar


section, sustainability diagram

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