located in the city of nova granada, in brazil, estúdio HAA! has built a two-story single-family house. the project fully respects the pre-existing site and its topographical characteristics, discouraging any radical alterations to the terrain. responding to the clients’ wishes, the architects have realized a brightly illuminated and well-ventilated residence, with a double-height social area, and a big balcony that offers unobstructed urban views. 

estudio haa granada house 1

all images by evandro oliveira



the building by estúdio HAA! consists of three blocks. the first one is a rigid volume, realized in reinforced concrete, with a couple of inverted beams, big gaps, and small slab plans overhanging. this block comprises two levels, with the lower one housing the common TV room and a toilet, and the upper one including the bedrooms, the bathrooms, the home office, and the balcony. the staircase connecting the two floors is made with wood and custom-made metallic parts. the side protection of the stairs was made with steel cables that connect the wooden steps and reach up to the ceiling slab. 

estudio haa granada house 2



the second block is a lighter structure that contains the dining and living room, connecting them to the side garden. this volume is built with a metal structure and glass, with the transparency achieving a close integration with the outside courtyard, and blurring the limits between the interior and exterior. the roofing of this block also adds to this concept, with its lightweight nature offering generous natural light, and allowing residents to observe the rain and leaves’ rustles. 

estudio haa granada house 3



right after the second light block, one can find the volume that houses the main suite on the ground floor. here, a close connection to the exterior is achieved once again. this outdoor part of the residence features a pool and a garden, along with a pool house containing a service area, a toilet, and a living room with barbecue space. 

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project info:


name: granada house

architects:  estúdio HAA!

location: nova granada, são paulo, brazil

collaborators: felipe zevoli, marcela céspedes, luiza andrade



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