eureka completes PLAYWALL: a hong kong kindergarten for children to explore freely

eureka completes PLAYWALL: a hong kong kindergarten for children to explore freely

in kennedy town, hong kong, eureka has designed a kindergarten called ‘PLAYWALL’. in creating this new campus to accommodate 300 students in 8 classrooms, the architects have focused on breaking down the boundaries between classrooms and indoor play areas, allowing children to explore freely and learn by playing.

playwall 1

PLAYWALL is a timber structure of 36 bays – each bay varies and has different play components integrated into it

images by kevin mak



the kindergarten, measuring approximately 10,763.91 ft2 (1000 m2), is located on the first and second floor of a residential tower in a busy urban setting. despite the 42m deep infill site with very limited access to the external environment, the design seeks to introduce a touch of warmth through an extensive use of timber and diffused ceiling features. the specially crafted ceiling, in a water-drop shaped thin layer of PVC mesh, is designed by eureka to generate a uniform light quality.

playwall 2

children can climb up the net, walk up the steps, and slide down different parts of the PLAYWALL



PLAYWALL is designed not to isolate but to connect spaces. children penetrate the PLAYWALL via different access points. they can climb, crawl, slide, search and discover their kindergarten. the explorative journey provides both physical play and mindful play to suit different types of children through features such as the climber, telescope, speaking tube, viewing deck, look out space and pocket platform. in thirty-six bays of the timber structure, the PLAYWALL also gives a sense of scale to the children.

playwall 3

looking out to the indoor play area from the upper deck

playwall 4

crawling along the PLAYWALL

playwall 5

the art atelier below

playwall 6

PLAYWALL wraps around classrooms, creating a seamless transition between spaces

playwall 7

children can slide down to the indoor play area

playwall 8

maker space

playwall 9

music and dance studio

playwall 10

mirrors above the washbasins

playwall 11

a small window for children to peep into classrooms from the indoor play area

playwall 12

teaching surface design integrates a small storage below that can slide out and become a small stage for children



project info:


project name: PLAYWALL

type: education

location: kennedy town, hong kong

design: eureka

area: 10,763.91 ft2 (1000 m2)

status: built

photography: kevin mak


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