ev.design.office revives small-scale architecture in iran


located in a forested and mountainous area of guilan, iran, the ‘tiny home’ by ev.design.office is a charming, 45sqm villa that suspends over land like a tree canopy with its trunk. despite its small size, the project features practical and suitable spaces that are ideal for weekend escapes. the economic situation in the region, however, has de-popularized the value of tiny homes over the years. in light of that, the architects behind ‘tiny home’ attempted to revive small-scale architecture with the lowest costs. 


morever, despite the prevailingly hot and dry climate of iran, the southern coast of the caspian sea offers unique advantages to such projects. ‘the findings show that design strategies based on traditional architecture are still applicable in the temperate humid climate of the region, and can lead to low energy buildings,’ explains the team. 

tiny home by ev.design.office
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tiny home is a 45 sqm, low-cost and low-impact villa 


aside from the temperate climate, the team behind ev.design.offce adapted the architecture to local building methods. indeed, the area features traditionally small warehouses to store agricultural products. combining those characteristics with the client’s needs, the ‘tiny home’ comes to life as a low-impact and low-cost villa that creates a sense of suspension and opens onto panoramic views of the forested landscape. 


the architects chose metal as the primary building material for the exterior shell and complemented it with wooden framings in the villa interiors to retain warmth and vibrancy. finally, the presence of a relatively large balcony allows the client to spend more hours outdoors, soaking up nature from all its angles. 

tiny home by ev.design.office
the tiny villa suspends over land like a tree canopy with its trunk

tiny home by ev.design.office
a large balcony allows the client to sit outdoors and enjoy the forested nature

tiny home 9
the interiors are cloaked in wooden walls, contrasting the exterior metal shell of the villa

tiny home 11
view of the kitchen and living area connected to the bedroom





project info:


name: tiny home

location: guilan, iran

architecture: ev.design.office (EV)
lead architects: mojtaba naghizadeh, nastaran tavakoli
project team: mohammad baraftabi, amin malekzadeh, parisa azizi

presentation: parisa azizi



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