EXE studio’s mountainside home in serbia uses textured monochrome cladding
photography by relja ivanić




nestled on mount maljen’s hillside, belgrade-based firm EXE studio designed a small monochromatic and abstract retreat in western serbia. surrounded by pine trees and uneven terrain, the home in divčibare is built into the hillside and characterized by its black and white cladding. the stark contrast is emphasized through the use of texture; the tall porch side is clad in timber shingles – referencing the traditional mountain architecture – while the other utilizes a smooth ceramic paneling.

EXE-studio-divibare-serbia-mountain-home-designboom-02dark timber shingles reference the material used in local mountain homes




the asymmetric form of the structure has distinguished the programs inside. the white portion contains the combined kitchen, dining and living area including a large window showcasing the visual connection between the interior and the rural landscape. moreover, the other half of the building serves partially as the sheltered porch and entrance area and above it, hosts one of the main bedrooms.



‘through the duality of the house, with two main volumes; the intent was to merge the traditional and the contemporary to create a unique aesthetic and a structure sympathetic to its surroundings.’ – EXE studio

EXE-studio-divibare-serbia-mountain-home-designboom-03the home is based on mount maljen, serbia
EXE-studio-divibare-serbia-mountain-home-designboom-04the asymmetric form distinctively stands out amid its context

EXE-studio-divibare-serbia-mountain-home-designboom-04the large window serves also as a seating area

EXE-studio-divibare-serbia-mountain-home-designboom-04the interior

EXE-studio-divibare-serbia-mountain-home-designboom-04smooth ceramic paneling is used on one side

EXE-studio-divibare-serbia-mountain-home-designboom-04the irregular form of the roof is translated into the interior

EXE-studio-divibare-serbia-mountain-home-designboom-04the home is near the popular tourist resort of divčibare

EXE-studio-divibare-serbia-mountain-home-designboom-04the mountainside home at dusk