greenhilLi: extension for singapore asian civilization museum greenhilLi: extension for singapore asian civilization museum
jan 03, 2013

greenhilLi: extension for singapore asian civilization museum

rendering of extension project by greenhilLi consultants




the asian civilisations museum (ACM) will show more of the national collection, as well as new fujian artefacts, when its new extension opens in 2015. a three-level glass atrium between the existing buildings, the ‘box’ will provide plenty of daylight and ventilation to part of the 1st level gallery space below while also providing a visual contrast between old and new that reflects the vibrant city-state of singapore. lightweight bridges will integrate the existing and new galleries at other levels.


designed by singaporean architects greenhilLi consultants: ‘the new wing clad in titanium will be a distinctive architectural departure from the 19th-century neo-classicism of the original structure. the extension looks like a solid box floating in an enclosed space, a metallic cuboid ‘weightlessly’ elevated one level above the ground‘.


the architecture of the existing building dates back to 1864 and several extensions and modifications were carried out over 150 years with the most recent addition in 2003, all of which were in the original style of the building while the new extension is contemporary in design.


‘the new galleries will take advantage of natural light and provide a different experience for the visitor. we will have the chance to reveal more of the museum’s collection in an innovative and hopefully thought-provoking way,’ dr. alan chong, director of the museum, said at the groundbreaking ceremony on november 9th, 2012: ‘we’re very keen to show how china relates to the rest of the world through trade, through migration, through immigration and exchange.’


about the asian civilisations museumthe ACM is dedicated to exploring the rich artistic heritage of asia, especially singapore’s ancestral cultures. through a collection of works of art and a varied exhibition programme, the museums hopes to deepen understanding of southeast asia, china, south asia, west asia, and the peranakan world. rare among museums in asia, the ACM connects audiences with many cultures. it began its operations at armenian street in 1997, which closed at end-2005, and re-opened on 25 april 2008 as the peranakan museum. the ACM’s flagship at the historic empress place building opened on 2 march 2003.


via singapore straitstimes