warsaw-based design studio FAAB architektura presents a continued investigation in prototypical landscape urban environments with its vertical oasis building. the studio, in seeking to reduce the environmental impact of buildings, develops an architectural tower system which works to harvest electricity from the sun, requires a lowered energy demand, and makes use of passive shading with the controlled geometries of its expressive green facade. the main goal of the design team is to introduce a performative ecological process that directly involves its occupants, allowing the capacity to control, manage and enhance the changing climate.

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FAAB architektura designs its vertical oasis building as a growing, repeatable system able to improve the natural environment at an urban scale. the project further seeks to establish a new type of urbanity, where technology and biotechnology will counter the natural impact of its occupants, offering a habitat which satisfies their standard of living. the vertical oasis building typology is envisioned to be situated among densely populated urban areas, with multi-functional programming including retail, office, hotel, and residential spaces. when connected with ground heat pumps, the building is designed to serve as the local heat distribution center for surrounding area.

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the vertical oasis building by FAAB architektura is characterized by its sculptural facade comprised of multi-layered components, each of which plays an important role. the white opaque elements are made of building-integrated photovoltaic (bipv) panels while the glazing uses transparent solar power technology, capable of producing electricity harvested from the sun. the vertical garden along the facade is composed of carefully selected plants and microorganisms, which work with building systems and closed-circulation strategies to purify the air of CO2, NOx and PM pollution. the natural process of transpiration further help to humidify and cool the air.

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the green layer of the vertical oasis building’s facade is designed to be paired with a mobile application that provides the status of the system for each plant in the matrix. an infrastructure connects the sensors allowing them to be optimized for new environments. the end-user will be able to monitor the system in real-time and see, among many others, how much O2z was produced. the system, supported by AI and machine learning will have capabilities to improve itself. the inhabitants of the building will be able to modify the aesthetics of the solution in the given matrix as the system will re-invent itself.

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project info:


project title: vertical oasis building

architecture: FAAB architektura

location: warsaw, poland

status: prototype