designboom conversation with fang zhenning graphic design by andy butler / designboom

join us today for a designboom conversation in beijing with fang zhenning, the curator of the chinese pavilion at the venice architecture biennale.

designboom conversation with fang zhenning, curator of the chinese pavilion at the venice architecture biennale at UCCA ullens center for contemporary art (auditorium) september 30, 16:00-17:30

speakers: fang zhenning, birgit lohmann, xu dongliang (lightopia) independent curator, art and architecture critic fang zhenning introduces the concept of ‘originaire’ as a lens for viewing the history of art and architectural design. he discusses his experiences and responsibilities of curating the national chinese contribution to the world’s most important architecture festival. special guest : xu dongliang (lightopia)

fang zhenning designboom talk at beijing design week 2012 2012 beijing design week (BJDW), held in beijing from 28th september to 6th october, will feature seven sections:

opening ceremony, annual design awards, milan guest city, beijing design fair, geo city smart city-international information design exhibition,

the new york times beijing design forum 2012, and design hop.

the ullens center for contemporary art (UCCA) is the exclusive education partner for BJDW.

BJDW and UCCA have co-organized BJDW@UCCA talks, inviting important designers and institutes to talk about ‘upgrading the city by design’.

the talks will be held from sep. 27 to oct. 2 at UCCA auditorium.