faulders studio: geotube
faulders studio: geotube
feb 24, 2010

faulders studio: geotube

faulders studio: geotubeall images courtesy of faulders studio




geotube is a building proposal designed by the california based architecture firm, faulders studio for the unique environment of dubai. the building features a large super structure which will, over time, grow a skin façade on its own. the system utilizes a vertical salt deposit growth system that uses water from the adjacent persian gulf. the water is sprayed onto the mesh of the superstructure using a gravity fed system, allowing the skin to continually grow using nothing but local materials. because the persian gulf has the world’s highest salinity for oceanic water, the sprayed water will evaporate and salt deposits begin to form.

faulders studio geotube designboom




‘the tower’s appearance transforms from a transparent skin to a highly visible white solid plane. the result is a specialized habitat for wildlife that thrives is this environment, and an accessible surface for the harvesting of crystal salt.’ the water would be pumped in using a long underground tube, hence the project’s name.

faulders studio geotube designboom

faulders studio geotube designboom

faulders studio: geotube

faulders studio: geotube

faulders studio: geotube

faulders studio: geotube


faulders studio: geotube

  • This is indeed a good sculpture from today’s point of view. But with the modern concepts (self perpetuating) involved: Growth with time, changing facade, etc. it seems to be a Good architectural design! But what about the cost factors in maintenance, cleaning etc, are they considered in the first instance?

  • I like the look of it now, the ‘salted’ look will be quite different, but probably just as interesting, especially with the sparkle of spraying water… What I question is the use of energy to pump the water, and the water itself, in such an arid area. The constant presence of spray and evaporation may change the immediate cllimate to more humid. This may be a good thing or a bad thing. It is a very elegant way to harvest salt, and definiteley beats putting people to work in salt mines!

  • can’t u spend your money on something better

  • this is interesting as a sculpture, but not as a thing that makes pleasant move through it impression . If human is a base measure for architecture , then sometimes you have to ask yourself what psychological frame does fit your prefabricated space .

    nikola kirincic
  • i don’t get how it’ll keep water out in general if it’s made out of mesh. maybe just the external layer is? anyways this is way fucking better than condos.

    Tommy Midas
  • Are you serious?! It has an ever changing facade, wildlife friendly, it’s design is right from nature (spiders web?), and it uses solar power to make this unique approach function- imagine how beautiful it would be glimmering in the ever-present sunlight.
    Sometimes it helps to take second look – often we are so culturally informed regarding beauty that we make snap decisions, but I think it’s brilliant.

  • this is so UGLY!
    are you serious?!

  • Fantastic project! It looks like an artificial leaf.

    Giacomo Cornelio
  • Maybe futuristic, but inhuman and insane!I hate it!!!

  • You’ve got to just love Dubai for the simple fact that they keep so many architects and designers employed — and, hopefully, handsomely paid — creating such exquisite, futuristic projects.


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