fei design clads pushBUTTON store in china with monochromatic grid facade

fei design clads pushBUTTON store in china with monochromatic grid facade

pushbutton by fei design studio


Korean clothing brand pushBUTTON has recently unveiled their first store in Chengdu, China, completed by Fei Design Studio. The store is located in the urban heart of the city within the large Atrium Business Complex. Differentiating the store from others in the shopping complex, and helping customers to understand the brand and connect with one another, Fei Design emphasises the distinct brand attributes of the clothing store throughout the interior and exterior of the space. The bright and elegant store is characterized inside and out by orderly geometric elements, and intertwined points, lines and surfaces. 

fei design's pushBUTTON store in china is wrapped in a monochrome geometric facade
white square small bricks are laid in turn to complete the overall filling and construction of space exterior elevation

all images courtesy of Fei Xue



the chinese store features a geometric tiled facade


pushBUTTON’s distinct exterior elevation veers from the typical cold impression of fashion stores and instead conforms to the distinct and vibrant inherent design elements of the brand. Fei Design creates a neat, elegant, simple and durable storefront and brand identity, with a facade clad in small white square bricks in a grid-like pattern, completing the overall filling and construction of the space. Scattered outside the storefront along the pedestrian area are three small cubes of differing height, wrapped in the same black and white grid design, reinforcing the brand identity.


With a clear view to the interior from the outside, architect Fei Xue alters the street atmosphere with the design of the interior of the space. Maximising the internal and external communication, and inviting pedestrians passing by to enter the space, the store’s large outer glass wall with white frame lines is turned into a display window, exhibiting pushBUTTON’s clothing, attracting people to stop by and exhibiting the interior space’s elegant details.

fei design's pushBUTTON store in china is wrapped in a monochrome geometric facade
the de Sede DS-1025 sofa is placed in the centre for comfort and relaxation



a light and breathable interior 


Inside, the whole exhibition area primarily adopts light and breathable elements, such as acrylic and 3M yarn film, which simulate the material of stone and disrupt the cold feeling of rock plates. At the same time, the addition of light highlights the main body of clothing and improves the spatial tonality. The mottled old interior walls are decorated partly with the characteristic black and white grid design like computer keycaps, arranged horizontally and orderly. Along these hang exhibition shelves and rails to display the clothing. A 3M gauze film covered with acrylic panels lines the store walls, acting as a pure white canvas in front of which the clothes hang illuminated and prominent.


An interesting sense of symmetry and a central line of vision is created inside the store extending all the way along the parquet floor, with white rock beams stretching from end to end like a fashion show or an art gallery. In the center is a resting space with the white cube as a table and the de Sede DS-1025 sofas, giving a feeling of comfort and relaxation.

fei design's pushBUTTON store in china is wrapped in a monochrome geometric facade
the line of vision travels centrally along the parquet floor


mottled walls with black and white grids like computer keycaps arranged horizontally and orderly

pushbutton, china
the 3M gauze film is covered with acrylic panels


the 3M gauze film is covered with acrylic panels and surrounded on three sides, such as a pure white canvas

pushbutton, china
the exhibition shelves feature small round mirrors throughout

pushbutton, china
day and night changed, and the space was emitting a warm halo from the inside to the outside



project info:


name: pushBUTTON
designer: Fei Design | Fei Xue



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