felipe assadi perches spacious lodges on the hillside in scenic patagonia
all images by fernando alda




perched on the hillside of a private reserve and directly overlooking the idyllic torres del paine mountains and lake sarmiento in chile, felipe assadi arquitectos were charged with constructing ‘awasi patagonia’. the getaway features twelve lodges which have been carefully organized and distributed on the grounds of the site to ensure privacy for the guests, and at the same time, frame sweeping views.





clad in procured lenga wood – a local species of beech –  the design of the rectangular volumes were influenced by traditional patagonia shelters and ranching outposts which naturally blend with its surroundings. at the main house the building hosts the restaurant, lobby and communal spaces. large windows permeate the homely-decorated lounge spaces with natural light, while open fire places welcome people to relax in the warmth and enjoy the view.


from the main building, individual pedestrian paths disperse and lead guests to their private villa with eleven of them measuring at 80 square meters. inside, each one hosts a spacious interior; a separate living room; bathroom and an outdoor hot tub. structurally. the buildings are supported by pillars measuring at an approximate height of one meters. the use of the stilts are due to the fragility and high soil moisture of the topography which also resulted in the prefabrication of the entire scheme.

felipe-assadi-arquitectos-awasi-patagonia-chile-designboom-02the awasi patagonia is based on a private reserve

felipe-assadi-arquitectos-awasi-patagonia-chile-designboom-02the entire scheme is clad in lengowood- a local species of beech tree

felipe-assadi-arquitectos-awasi-patagonia-chile-designboom-02the main house hosts the restaurant, reception desk and lounge spaces

felipe-assadi-arquitectos-awasi-patagonia-chile-designboom-02decked pathways lead out to the twelve villas


communal lounge areas provide guests with an opportunity to relax and enjoy the undisturbed view

felipe-assadi-arquitectos-awasi-patagonia-chile-designboom-02wood clad interiors match the abundant, forest landscape outside

felipe-assadi-arquitectos-awasi-patagonia-chile-designboom-02the torres del paine mountains can be seen in the distance

felipe-assadi-arquitectos-awasi-patagonia-chile-designboom-02the spacious villa measures around 80 square meters each

felipe-assadi-arquitectos-awasi-patagonia-chile-designboom-02each villa contains a living room, bathtub, separate bathroom and an outdoor hot tub

felipe-assadi-arquitectos-awasi-patagonia-chile-designboom-02guests are immersed in the nature of the pristine landscape

felipe-assadi-arquitectos-awasi-patagonia-chile-designboom-02stilts support the structure from the hill’s incline

felipe-assadi-arquitectos-awasi-patagonia-chile-designboom-02the villas simultaneously blend and stand out against the surroundings