‘urban camp’ proposal by felipe campolina 


Brazilian architect and 3D visual designer Felipe Campolina reveals his proposal for the ‘Micro Housing 2022’ contest launched earlier this year by Impact Design Competitions. His project, titled ‘Urban Camp’, envisions an affordable, portable, and easy-to-assemble building system that makes parking lots habitable for those seeking temporary or permanent refuge and housing. Each unit spans 32.4 sqm and can comfortably accommodate over four people.


‘This model applies to any car-centric city. It’s like a manifesto against car culture by occupying parking spaces and making them habitable for a temporary or permanent situation. In addition to fulfilling its role in the housing deficit, this action aims to awaken people’s interest in urbanism for cities that privilege people more than cars,’ writes Campolina. 

urban camp 1
the front facade of Felipe Campolina’s design, showing volumetric details



scaffolding structure with a double-height living space 


Felipe Campolina (see more here) proposes a Tube & Clamp scaffolding as the main structure for each ‘Urban Camp’ unit, pairing it with wooden lumbers and OSB boards to complement the ‘stiffness’ of the design. Meanwhile, clear polycarbonate tiles cover the entire roof for proper waterproofing.


The high-ceiling interior splits over two levels; the first floor features an integrated living and kitchen space and a sleeping area hosting four beds arranged vertically, creating a unique spatiality. The second floor, meanwhile, holds a compact workspace that can be accessed by a ladder fixed on the wall. In addition, every room within the housing unit has built-in storage furniture, including a full bathroom that connects to an outside service area.


Thanks to its rapid DIY mechanism, the ‘Urban Camp’ model can quickly turn into a micro-village of 25 units hosting over 100 people comfortably and safely. 

urban camp 3
bird’s eye view showing another unit being assembled next to the existing one

urban camp 2
simulation of an urban village inside a car parking area

urban camp 4
Felipe Campolina’s proposal of 25 units inside a car park can house over 100 people

urban camp 5
lateral facade

felipe campolina designboom
compact interior with a high-ceiling and integrated living & kitchen space

felipe campolina designboom
every interior space has built-in storage furniture

felipe campolina designboom
the sleeping room features 4 beds arranged vertically, creating an unusual spatiality




design details and assembly sequence
design details and assembly sequence
making parking spaces habitable for temporary or permanent situations
making parking spaces habitable for temporary or permanent situations
structural diagram: tube & clamp scaffolding used as load-bearing structure
structural diagram: tube & clamp scaffolding used as load-bearing structure

project info:


name: Urban Camp
architecture + visualization: Felipe Campolina | @fpcamp 

competition: Micro Housing 2022 



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