felipe pantone’s space-age studio ‘casa axis’ becomes a collaborative hub for artists

felipe pantone’s space-age studio ‘casa axis’ becomes a collaborative hub for artists

a 1970s structure revived to become a dream studio in spain


Casa Axis, the creative space for artist Felipe Pantone, opens for art enthusiasts and creative minds alike outside Valencia, Spain. The studio is set to redefine the concept of artistic exploration and serve as a global hub for diverse disciplines to converge, fostering dynamic dialogues between artists. Originally designed in 1975 by architect Antonio Segura and the architecture studio Pascual Genovés, Casa Axis was first built as a ‘space age’ structure that has since stood the test of time. The building is home to an impressive collection of European design objects from its era, which will continue to be a cherished part of its new chapter.

felipe pantone casa axisimages courtesy Felipe Pantone Studio



felipe pantone’s artist residency program


More than just a workspace for Argentinian-Spanish artist Felipe Pantone, Casa Axis is poised to become a vibrant meeting point for artists spanning various disciplines. The space aims to foster collaboration through its artist residency program, bringing together established and emerging talents. Casa Axis will also house Felipe Pantone’s private collection, providing visitors with an intimate glimpse into his most outstanding works and offering a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the creative and visionary world that influences his art.


Casa Axis has long been revered by the creative community and has served as a backdrop for advertising campaigns, TV series, and movies including Black Mirror (2023), Llenos de Gracia (2022), and El Sustituto (2021). Notably, the house has also been the site of collaborations with renowned brands including Bottega Veneta, Mercedes-Benz, Puma, and Palomo Spain.

felipe pantone casa axisthrough its artist residency program, the project will bring together established and emerging talent



sensory experiences of light and sound


Inside Casa Axis lies an original 1970s disco-themed listening room, meticulously designed by the Valencian company Admire Audio. Equipped with a high-efficiency analog Hi-Fi sound system, this space will host musical listening parties and unique sensory experiences for guests. To further enrich the project, the lighting within the studio has been carefully crafted by Benoit Lalloz, a luminary designer from France. Lalloz, known for his ability to blend art, design, science, and technology, had previously lent his expertise to museums and international brand stores including Acne Studio and Balenciaga.

felipe pantone casa axisthe project is unified by curved corner details, from the window frames, roof, and swimming pool



the garden and sculpture park


Felipe Pantone’s Casa Axis is surrounded by a 7,000 square-meter (75,350 square-foot) garden, curated to complement the new studio space. The sleek, minimalist aesthetic showcases large glass surfaces that invite an effortless interaction between indoor and outdoor environments. This collaborative work was brought to life through the combined efforts of architect Marina Victoria, Felipe Pantone, and a talented multidisciplinary team, culminating in the realization of the artist’s dream space.


Beyond the studio, Felipe Pantone aims to create a sculpture park within the expansive garden, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in outdoor artworks set against a natural backdrop. The construction of this future studio, led by Valencia-based AT4 construction company, is already underway and expected to be completed in early spring of 2024.

felipe pantone casa axisthe structure was originally built in 1975



Felipe Pantone comments:Casa Axis, my most ambitious project to date, aims to be a creative haven. My goal is to support a vibrant community of artists, united in their passion for breaking barriers and starting an artistic dialogue. I hope to create a space where inspiration knows no limits and offer the artistic community an ideal place for creativity.’

felipe pantone casa axisCasa Axis showcases a private collection of Felipe Pantone’s artworks


an interior swimming pool is illuminated by skylights

felipe pantone’s space-age studio ‘casa axis’ becomes a collaborative hub for artists
interiors open out through an array of floor-to-ceiling windows


Felipe Pantone will add a sculpture park within the expansive garden, to be completed in 2024



project info:


project title: Casa Axis

client: Felipe Pantone@felipepantone

architecture: Antonio Segura, Pascual Genovés

location: Valencia, Spain

original construction date: 1975

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