‘female slave university’ cardboard, wood, fabric and foam, 2006the gio marconi gallery in milan presented ‘female slave university’, the fourth solo-exhibition by atelier van lieshout. this ongoing art project started in 2005: an imaginary, self-sustaining, zero-carbon prison city with 200,000 inhabitants a territory of 50 sq km. a collection of drawings,sculptures in black or white resins, maquettes of the habitat units describe the functions and the organization of it. the ‘female slave university’ is part of a lucrative utopia project with 8 million dollars profit per year. to be a professor is the only job paid in the city.values, ethics, esthetics, moral, food, energy, economics, organization, management and market are turned upside-down, mixed and reformulated. the energy needs of the slave city are covered by using biogas, solar and wind energy and bio-diesel. everything is majestically recycled, even the participants. no waste products are produced and the ‘slave city’ is a green town which is not wasting the worlds resources.




female slave university: milan design week 07

‘food cart’, fiberglass sculpture, 2007