‘elena garro cultural center’ by fernanda canales + arquitectura 911, coyoacan, mexico city, mexicoimage © jaime navarroall images courtesy of fernanda canales




the ‘elena garro cultural center’ by mexican architects fernanda canales and arquitectura 911 renovates an early 20th century home on fernandezleal street and converts it into a cultural center for the community. the intervention can be experienced in three primary design moves: a boxedconcrete extension meeting the street that frames the original facade of the existing home, a series of exterior courtyards creating an exterior pathfor gatherings of various sizes, and a three-storey rectangular volume at the back of the residence that contains a multi-purpose room, storerooms, and a parking lot on the ground floor.



fernanda canales + arquitectura 911: elena garro cultural centerfront entrance in a concrete frame-like structure with the original facade preserved insideimage © jaime navarro



fernanda canales + arquitectura 911: elena garro cultural centerdouble height book shelving that wraps the interior of the additionimage © jaime navarro




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architects: fernanda canales + arquitectura911artistic collaboration: paloma torreslandscape: entorno – hugo sánchez and tonatiuh martínezphotography: jaime navarrolocation: coyoacán, méxico citysurface: 1,500 m2year: 2013