SAMOROST House is currently under construction in czechia


The first building made of mycelium is currently growing in the Czech Republic. Led by home reconstruction financier Buřinka and designed by graduate Tomasz Kloza, the SAMOROST House offers a new twist on the modern glamping experience. With such a unique morphology, the project essentially demonstrates the many ways of using mycelium in sustainable construction.


Indeed, laboratory tests carried out within the SAMOROST project during 2023 and early 2024 confirm the great potential of mycocomposite as an alternative to non-organic materials, commonly used in the region.’This innovative material can be used to insulate external walls, roofs and floors, as a non-load-bearing house structure, is suitable for eliminating thermal bridges and is an excellent sound insulator. In addition, it can be used to make modern furniture or decorations,’ summarizes Jakub Seifert, chairman of the MYMO Association, also involved in the SAMOROST experiment with Buřinka, whose previous innovation projects serve as foundations for the glamping prototype. 

the first mycelium building will sprout in czechia as a glamping hub
SAMOROST House: a new glamping experience | all renders courtesy Buřinka



the potential of mycelium as an alternative building material


Tomasz Kloza, a MYMO Association member and graduate student at the Faculty of Architecture of the Czech Technical University in Prague, envisioned the glamping prototype as two parasol mushrooms sprouting from the ground. Complementing the main mycelium insulation is a wooden supporting structure. ‘Our ‘mushrooms’ are divided into fourteen identical segments, which make the structure sort of a jigsaw puzzle. We added other natural and sustainable components to the mycelium to form a unique whole,’ shares Kloza. The architect includes wooden and segmented shingles on the roof to evoke the individual flakes of a parasol mushroom’s cap; these are paired with decorative mycelium elements. A green facade links the two living spaces, creating a subtle link that uplifts the overall appearance. Serving as the primary light source are round and tiltable skylights that offer scenic views of the world above.


The concept of the SAMOROST house by Buřinka allows for endless variations in the size of the ‘mushrooms’, as well as in their internal layout and function. At this stage, Kloza’s fellow MYMO members Karolína Petřeková and Petra Jašicová have chosen to combine a kitchen with seating in one mushroom and a bedroom in the other. ‘Our intention was to use mycocomposite and other natural materials to make the interior space as practical as possible, but at the same time to evoke a feeling of nature combined with luxury and to captivate its visitors at first sight,’ notes the duo. The kitchen hosts a refrigerator, gas cooker, and sink, all integrated into the countertop. Water for the sink comes from a barrel placed in a cabinet beneath. Alongside ample workspace, shelves, and cupboards, the architects include a room for seating and a dining area.

the first mycelium building will sprout in czechia as a glamping hub
skylight as the primary source of light in the bedroom area



The bedroom, meanwhile, includes storage spaces tailored for gadgets like mobile phones, tablets, and watches. Power for appliances, lighting, and recharging devices comes from a rechargeable battery, while electric space heaters offer much-needed warmth during chilly weather. Petřeková and Jašicová even incorporate mycocomposite materials extensively in the interior furnishings, highlighting their distinct properties and textures as a complement to the interiors’ modern and comfortable glamping design. ‘The SAMOROST House will be ready at the end of this year. We will present a part of it, or a section of the house, including the complete technical solution, to the public at an experiential exhibition in the gallery of the National Technical Library. The model example of the house is set up as a habitable space, e.g. for more luxurious camping, so-called glamping. However, a building of this type will certainly find many more applications,’ concludes Jakub Seifert.

the first mycelium building will sprout in czechia as a glamping hub
combining a kitchen with seating in one mushroom


project info:


name: SAMOROST House

location: Czech Republic

developed by: Buřinka@inovaceburinky

architect: Tomasz Kloza / Czech Technical University in Prague

interiors: Karolína Petřeková and Petra Jašicová / MYMO