‘mo ventus’ by FIXd architecture, various locationsall image courtesy of FIXd architecture




deriving from the latin word ‘motus’ meaning movement and ‘ventus’ referring to the wind, the ‘mo ventus’ house designed by tod theodore fixof FIXd architecture employs these two ideas to create the self-sustainable house of the future that offers a zero carbon footprint within a luxurytransformable home that can be built anywhere in the world.



video © FIXd architecture



FIXd architecture: mo ventus, wind house of the futureview from the groundimage © FIXd



FIXd architecture: mo ventus, wind house of the futurecantilevering volumes from the wind-engineered wallimage © FIXd







project info:



cost: 3,500,000 to 10,000,000 USDarea: 5,000 to 12,000 ft2architect of record: zone 4 architectselectrical, fire protection, MEP and structure: arupcivil engineering: nitsch engineeringcode consultant: philip r. shermancost estimator: faithful + gouldgeothermal engineer: haley and aldrichfacade engineering and thermal performance: simpson gumpertz and hegerlandscape architect: carol r. johnson associatesmaterials handling: SEA consultantsspecifications consultant: kalin associatessustainable design: atelier ten