BRRO arquitetos curates a space of quiet contemplation with its outward-looking ‘floating pavilion.’ the minimal, open-air timber structure introduces an 80 square meter shading plane over the water. with no distinct boundaries, the project integrates into its natural context with a continuation of the horizontal planes reflected on the mirrored horizon. with the pavilion, which floats above the diffusive and reflective surface of a reservoir within the brazilian state of são paulo, BRRO arquitetos aims to offer visitors a place for reflection and leisure with minimal interruption of the bucolic landscape. 

floating pavilion brro
all images by andré scarpa



BRRO arquitetos crafts its floating pavilion as two planes comprised simply of a deck beneath a roof. the project serves to replace a pre-existing deck with a tile roof which had become insufficient to accommodate the leisure activities of the reservoir visitors. in response to these requirements the design team introduces a broader roof composed of sheet metal and supported by a prefabricated laminated timber structure. with this method of construction, the main architectural elements are prepared in the factory and assembled on site ensuring precision, resistance, a fast build process.

floating pavilion brro



elements of the performative structure can be adjusted by occupants as needed in response to climate conditions. operable wood louvers in a metallic frame are installed on either end of the deck in order to control the wind and filter sunlight throughout the day. the team at BROO comments: ‘the architecture shows itself capable of creating shelter above water. a search for occupation in an immaterial territory.’

floating pavilion brro floating pavilion brro floating pavilion brro floating pavilion brro floating pavilion brro floating pavilion brro floating pavilion brro floating pavilion brro



project info:


project title: floating pavilion

architecture: BRRO arquitetos

location: são paulo, brazil

built area: 80 square meters

completion: 2018

photography: andré scarpa