‘nk-house’ by flow in gunma, japan all images courtesy flow

‘nk-house’ by japanese practice flow (takashi satoh) is a two-storey single family residence in maebashi, gunma, japan. featuring an asymmetrical elevation, the modest design seeks to define the different domestic programs without compromising the sense of connection between the inhabitants.

flow: nk houseexterior view

situated on a remote and open site, the house is wrapped in a charcoal-coloured metallic skin, lending an autonomous and solid characteristic to the structure. a linear void runs through the spinal axis of the house, at once generating an outdoor courtyard as well as arranging the interior space in a legible and effective route. the communal spaces – kitchen, living, dining – are accommodated in one arm of the floor plan while the master bedroom remains separated by the strip of courtyard. flanked by a system of sliding glass doors, both areas benefit from natural daylighting.

flow: nk house (left) from outdoor space (right) view of courtyard from inside

the roof line is pulled up to create a pair of pitched windows on the second storey. attic-like in volume, the loft space is placed beneath a dynamic, multi-faceted ceiling surface finished in white. visual and audio connection is maintained by stepping down the floor slab to overlap with the ceiling of the lower floor.

flow: nk house kitchen

flow: nk house (left) asymmetrical windows (right) clerestory-effect from the stepped down loft level

flow: nk house stairs to upper level

flow: nk house loft

flow: nk house

flow: nk house

flow: nk house from loft at night

flow: nk house courtyard at night

flow: nk house front elevation