fly architecture presents fully-transparent tokyo music center concept
all visuals courtesy of fly architecture




the world of classical music, and all that belongs within it, has always seemed inaccessible to a mass majority of people. activities of opera houses and orchestras have an air about them, allowing only the elite to feel comfortable. however, that shouldn’t be the case, and german firm fly architecture thinks architecture is the first step to making music accessible.

fly architecture tokyo music center concept designboom
entrance area 




the ‘tokyo music center’ is a conceptual concert hall that takes form as a fully transparent building structure. no longer able to hide behind solid walls, they believe that it’s openness makes it more appealing, and approachable, for the non-bourgeois. the music center’s highlight is its top floor, a full auditorium placed under a glass ceiling. as guests listen to the event of the evening, they’re also given the opportunity to gaze at the shifting light and skyline of tokyo. a winding escalator provides access from the entrance to the main hall.

fly architecture tokyo music center concept designboom
concert hall with glass ceiling

concept and scheme diagrams 



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edited by: nick brink | designboom