FMD architects names its 'ikebana house' concept after japanese art of flower arranging

FMD architects names its 'ikebana house' concept after japanese art of flower arranging

fmd architects brings japanese sensibilities to australia


Ikebana House, a collaborative project between Australian architecture studio FMD Architects and Ruum, embraces the centuries-old Japanese art of flower arranging, known as Ikebana. The residential concept aims to create a connection to nature while allowing for self-expression through the thoughtful compositions of natural elements. By incorporating a central courtyard and emphasizing the surrounding landscape, Ikebana House serves as a vessel that embraces its natural surroundings.

FMD architects names its 'ikebana house' concept after japanese art of flower arranging
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garden living in the ikebana house


Planned for a relatively flat block, the FMD Architects-designed Ikebana House strategically orients its main living spaces towards the north, with the street frontage facing the south. The architects’ clever incorporation of a central courtyard ensures that every part of the house enjoys a garden aspect, enabling the maximization of passive solar gain and natural ventilation. Both indoors and out, Ikebana House bathes the visitor in natural sunlight and aims to immerse its occupants in the ever-changing beauty of the seasons.

fmd architects ikebana house



a flexible design for different lifestyles


With the architectural design of Ikebana House concept, FMD Architects and Ruum offers flexibility, catering to a diverse range of inhabitants. It can serve as an intimate coastal retreat for down-sizers or expand to accommodate a young, growing family. With its ability to effortlessly blend into coastal, rural, and urban settings, the team notes that the Ikebana House draws inspiration from and harmoniously incorporates design aspects from these environments. The careful selection of robust and low-maintenance materials ensures that the house is not only visually appealing but also effortless to live in. It’s a relaxed and welcoming sanctuary with strong connections to its surroundings.


The concept of making quality bespoke architecture more accessible to a wider client base is really exciting to me,‘ said Fiona Dunin, Director of FMD Architects, when approached by Ruum to design the house.

fmd architects ikebana house
the house is organized around a central gardened courtyard fmd architects ikebana housethe residential concept is planned to accommodate a range of sites


the team envisions the space as a relaxed and welcoming sanctuary with a strong link to its surroundings

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